Trullla's practices derive from principles aimed at maximizing trust and impact.

One of the first steps we take is to separate code from data and credentials. To ensure that credentials are stored and shared securely, and that they're rotated frequently. For small to medium enterprises, this means managing secrets through a password manager, such as LastPass.

Trullla carries out rigorous testing. We test-drive our code (TDD) and automate acceptance tests because we believe that we're responsible for the code that we release.

Prioritizing by impact means working towards accomplishing the most meaningful and far-reaching objectives first. Sometimes it's implementing a feature, other times it's shortening the iteration cycle.

Delivering results is a function of speed and accuracy. For speed, we rely heavily on automation and continuous delivery. Our accuracy is rooted in Extreme Programming process which leads to thorough understanding of client needs followed by extensive testing to ensure results and prevent regressions.