About Trullla

Trullla is a Software and Data Services consultancy in San Francisco, California, run by Oozie Ligus. Oozie worked with software in distributed systems at companies such as Google, Amazon, Facebook and Pivotal Software. 

Trullla provides Workflow Automation services and makes production deployments scalable and maintainable.

Workflow Automation

Workflow automation is the process of using software to replace or augment manual work. Example automated workflows include:
  • Continuous integration pipelines (CI/CD) of software releases,
  • automated margin trading,
  • supply change management,
  • Automation of multi-step onboarding for users and customers, including third-party verification and submission of legal documents.
Trullla provides consulting and implementation of workflow automation.

Productionizing PoC Deployments

At Trullla, we turn Proof-of-Concept deployments into scalable software release pipelines, backed by monitoring, alerting and acceptance tests.